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Chicken tostadas

Tostadas is one of my favorite mexican dishes and this version is simple and tasty. You can BBQ chicken breasts, bake them in the oven, use leftover chicken or simply buy a cooked chicken and cut it. This recipe serves 3-4 people. 8 tostadas 1 1/2 cup shredded cheese 1 …


Pita pizza

Recipe for two. Ideal to add as much vegetables as you like on the “pizza”. large chicken breast, seasoned to your liking two thin whole wheat pita breads salsa sauce sour cream shredded cheese lettuce ————————- Bake the chicken breast at 215°C (425°F) for 30 minutes. Cut into bite size …

Kjúklingur í pekanhnetu raspi

Chicken with pecan crust

In this recipe the crust is made with pecans, a healthier option than using packaged crust but you still have a similar effect. 100 ml Dijon-mustard (or organic mustard) 2 tbsp organic honey 100 gr pecans, ground in a food processor 4 chicken breasts ½ tsp sea salt ——————————- Pre-heat the oven to 180°C …